Chalk Paint® Resource Center

Step 1 – PAINT

Use Chalk Paint® decorative paint to paint directly onto your piece of furniture, no sanding, priming, or preparation needed. You can move the brush in different directions as you paint, rather than just up and down. This creates a little texture in your piece.
After your base coat is dry, you can accent detail areas with another color if you desire.

Step 2 – CLEAR WAX

We recommend that you always use clear wax first. After your paint is dry, use Annie Sloan Soft Clear Wax to seal your paint. Simply brush the wax on, you want the wax to absorb into the paint. This step is similar to rubbing lotion into your hands, the paint will absorb the wax, just as your hands absorb the lotion. Wipe off the excess wax, this is done right away (wax on, wax off). We prefer to use Rymplecloth (a type of cheesecloth) to wipe the excess wax off with.
Your piece should not be sticky or tacky at all. If it is, you have not removed all the excess wax!

Step 3 – SAND AND DISTRESS (optional)

After you have applied clear wax, lightly sand and distress if desired. You have much more control over your distressing and a lot less mess if you distress after you wax. Reapply clear wax to any areas that you have sanded prior to applying dark wax.

Step 4 – DARK WAX (optional)

Next, Apply Annie Sloan Soft Dark Wax to areas you want to accent and bring out the detail. Keep a clean cloth to wipe off excess. Always make sure there is a layer of clear wax first before applying the dark wax, and you want that layer of clear wax to still be fresh or “wet” so that the dark wax is workable. Work in small sections at a time. If you do not apply the clear wax first, the dark wax with actually stain your paint.
If you have applied too much dark wax, you can always use clear wax as an “eraser.” Simply dip a clean rag in clear wax and use it to remove the dark wax.

Step 5 – ENJOY

Leave as a soft matte finish, or buff to sheen, if desired. For a higher sheen level, wait 24 hours to buff with a soft cloth.
Sit back and enjoy the beautiful look you just created!