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Bath & Body Boutique in Monument, CO
Bath & Body Boutique

Bath & Body Boutique in Monuement, CO

Looking for a special gift for your mom, sister, grandma, or significant other? The Perfect Shade is your go-to bath and body boutique in Monument, Colorado. Shop for unique natural skin care products, fun goodies, and thoughtful treats that will delight you and the ones you love. We carry something special for everyone, from fresh fragrances and delicious teas to creamy body butters and soothing bath salts. Stop by our boutique to check out our exclusive collection today!


Check Out Our Unique Bath & Body Products

At The Perfect Shade, we offer you a unique selection of shea cremes, body butters, cuticle balms, face serums, and more! Our bath and body products are shipped to us from a variety of unique vendors across the nation. If you’re looking for beauty products infused with essential oils that are relaxing, antibacterial, and great for treating delicate and sensitive skin, we’ve got exactly what you need! Pamper yourself with the products in our The Perfect Shade luxury bath and body collection. We offer hand-made soaps, exfoliating lotions, moisturizing body washes and sprays, and foaming scrubs to hydrate your skin all day. Do you want special spa experience baskets, bath teas, and lip-care roll-ons and balms? Swing by and submerge yourself in our wonderous selection today!


Try Our Unique Treats


Organic Salts: Do you or a loved one have a knack for cooking? Our artisan dry goods like salt and sugar culinary blends are shipped to us from Atlanta, Georgia, with a whole lot of love. Get a gift set for your special someone today and share the spice of life in your next, delicious home-cooked meal.

True Honey Teas: If you’re like us, you love to sip a sweet cup of honey-infused tea! Our honey tea selection at Shades of Amber is all natural, revolutionary, and flavorful. Get your cup of sweet natural nectar at our bath and body boutique in Monument, Colorado, today!

Visit us at our bath and body boutique, The Perfect Shade, in Monument and let us help you find the perfect products for you or your loved one today!

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